Kingpin Outfitter Pack
Kingpin Outfitter Pack
Kingpin Outfitter Pack
Technical charts showing specifications for Kingpin v-Series 40" light bar.
Technical data for Kingpin v-Series 12" light bars and a single product picture across top.
Kingpin Outfitter Pack
Kingpin Outfitter Pack
Kingpin Outfitter Pack
Kingpin Outfitter Pack
Kingpin Outfitter Pack
Kingpin Outfitter Pack
Kingpin Outfitter Pack
Kingpin Outfitter Pack
Kingpin Outfitter Pack
Kingpin Outfitter Pack
Kingpin Outfitter Pack
Kingpin Outfitter Pack
Kingpin Outfitter Pack

Kingpin Outfitter Pack

The Kingpin Outfitter pack gives you the ultimate flexibility to light up just about everything you own. 

Engineered for active & hardworking lifestyles - from offroad trucks to trailers, campers, and recreational vehicles.

Low-profile & Rotating Design

You can finally light up those dark spaces you've fought for so long.

Installs in minutes

3M VHB tape or #6 or #8 screws (NOT included). Basic electrical skills needed to connect the power wires.

Don't take our word for it

Read our reviews!

Hassle-free warranty

Buy with confidence today. 

Includes: (4x) V-Series 12" Light Bars, (3x) V-Series 40" Light Bars, (4x) Smart Touch Dimmer Switches

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Kingpin V-Series light bars can be left on full brightness for DAYS without fully draining a standard automotive battery. We specify high quality components and ensure all circuitry is properly designed for longevity and performance.


Lowest profile, 180-degree rotating, waterproof, 12-volt utility light bar on earth.


Take a look at our Installation Guide (tabbed on each product page) 


We ditched the industry standard blue-white clinical color. Kingpin's Diffused Daylight Technology provides softer, eye-friendly smoothing and a daylight neutral color ideal for tasks and relaxation. It's the proper color for our lifestyles. 


High-impact aircraft grade aluminum chassis and lens is insanely durable and can withstand hammer blows and even automobile traffic. Mount Kingpin with confidence. 


180-degree mounting system and anodized aluminum brackets provide secure mounting anywhere and the ability to direct your light right where it counts. 


The low-profile black anodized aluminum chassis and brackets, and pure white polycarbonate lens result in a high-performing AND incredibly cool looking aesthetic even when they're off.


Kingpin's V-Series lights come with aluminum mounting brackets: 3.75"L x 1.125"W spaced 35.25" or 12" center to center for the 40" and 12", respectively.

Recommended mounting methods: 

    • VHB Tape. Most common and preferred for most applications.
    • #6 or #8 screws, 8 Total (4 holes per mounting bracket)
    • Quick-release option: Velcro 


Any 12-volt power source can be used to power the V-Series Light Bars. 

    • The low 1.4A power draw on the 40" & 0.5A on the 12" allows you to safely piggyback it into many existing circuits (ex. a rear brake light).
    • Add any style of plug or adapter to the factory cable if you'd like (cigarette adapters are commonly used) 
    • You can also wire on a 12V-120V transformer to power them with a traditional AC outlet.


V-Series light bars come with an exterior rated 18-gauge wire lead. The lead length is the same as the light itself. Simply connect the ground wire (black -) to a common ground or negative battery terminal and then connect the positive wire (red +) to the power source.

It's always safest to add a small fuse (sized to match your light power draw +20%) inline on the positive wire, as close to the battery or power supply as possible. 

If you experience a manufacturing defect, we'll replace it within 5 years. Simply return the defective product and we'll send you a new one.

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Treat your favorite workstation-on-wheels to 40 inches of dependable daylight on tap.

PRO TIP: Roll it backwards for easy trailer hook-ups at night!

upgrade your


Generic LED strip lighting is a common cheap lighting solution.

It's not even worth comparing.

Do it right the first time. Get more out of less with Kingpin.

Kingpin v-Series 40" light bar illuminating two Polaris mountain snowmobiles inside enclosed aluminum trailer.
Perfect for


The Kingpin v-Series is easily the best lighting on the market for enclosed trailers and campers.



No moving parts. Mounts to any flat surface. TOUCH ON/OFF + DIM

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