Kingpin V-Series 12-volt Light Bar Installation Guide


v-Series lights come with aluminum mounting brackets: 3.75"L x 1.125"W spaced 35.25" or 12" center to center, respectively. Recommended mounting methods: 

    • VHB Tape. Most common and preferred for most applications.
    • #6 or #8 screws, 8 Total (4 holes per mounting bracket)
    • Quick-release option: Velcro 


Any 12-volt power source can be used to power the V-Series 40" Light Bar. 

    • The low 1.4A power draw on the 40" (~.5A on the 12") allows you to safely piggyback it into many existing circuits (ex. a rear brake light).
    • Plugs or adapters to power with a portable power station (12-volts!)
    • 120v to 12v adapters to power with a standard home outlet.


The V-Series 40" Light Bar comes with a 36" or 10" exterior rated 18-gauge wire lead. Simply connect the ground (black -) wire to a common ground or negative battery terminal and then the positive (red +) wire to the power source.